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Life can be difficult to navigate without guidance. More recently, mental health has been taking the center stage of our societal concerns. At 432 Intentional Therapeutics Inc, we offer individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy and couples counseling, on an outpatient basis, to help people move through this difficult time in the world, while helping them discover and become the best version of themselves. We accept most major health insurance and are here to help navigate that uncertain journey. We also offer animal assisted therapy and various other mindfulness based modalities.

Services Offered:

Animal Assisted Therapy

Sound Therapy

Mental Health Counseling

With Charlotte, The Therapy Dog

Life Coaching


Sound therapy is offered by Louisa Gould, LICSW, It is based in the intersection of the science of cymatics, physics and biology. It is based in how water is impacted by sound frequency because your cells are roughly 70% water. Therefore the sound frequency alters and heals the water of your cells, which then creates a shift in mood and mental status. 

We offer mental health counseling for teens and adults. We also offer some group therapy, couples counseling and substance abuse counseling. We are also able to offer evaluations for trauma, substance abuse and mental health for the courts, as well as for EAPs, employers and schools inthe state of Massachusetts. 

Art Therapy

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