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- Our Commitment To Our Clients -

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432 Intentional Therapeutics Inc., is committed to offering the most current evidence based practices to our clients. We seek to expand our expertise by offering providers with various expertise.

Our Clinical Team:

Paula Head Shot.jpeg

Paula Cranshaw, M.Ed

Paula Cranshaw M.Ed., is a therapist whose focus and areas of interest include Anxiety, Depression, Dual Diagnosis, Domestic Issues (DV), Special Needs, Behavioral Modification, Adolescents, and Addiction. Paula enjoys working with future oriented individuals, who are struggling to manage their daily lives and seeking guidance for ways of improving. She also believes wholeheartedly, that each day is a fresh start and a new opportunity to be the best version of yourself that you desire. Sessions are often geared towards identifying futuristic goals, whereby clients can create attainable goals that help move them forward and assist with moving through whatever might be keeping them “stuck”.  She believes that people seek therapy when they are feeling “stuck” in life, whether it is in a job that isn’t fulfilling, struggling with the cycle of addiction, or a relationship that is toxic. She feels that people often need coping skills, boundary setting skills, or even help with establishing routine consistency and structure in the home and in life. She hopes to help work on self-esteem building, to help build the confidence needed for positive and sustainable change. She also seeks to help build strategies to use in real life.  There is no need to go through life in isolation and Paula hopes to provide support in the moments when people feel them most alone. Whether you are seeking support for yourself, or a loved one or any of the other reasons that people seek support, she receives you with no judgement and is ready to walk the road with you, until you achieve your goals. She understands that the first step is always the hardest, and the most important and commends you for asking for help. 

*Paula is currently accepting new clients

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Bernadine Gates, LCSW

Bernadine Gates, LCSW is a therapist who approaches her work from a strengths based perspective. If you are reading this you are ready to start or continue your journey in healing and She feels humbled to be a witness to your stories and experiences. Coming from a social work background she brings into light the societal impacts that may play a role in our day to day lives through exploration, validation and deconstruction. She uses her strength based approach to help support individuals in recognizing, developing and utilizing their abilities as they navigate the ups and downs of this journey called life. She works with individuals across the lifespan with a focus on mood disorders, complex trauma symptoms, anxiety, behavioral challenges, difficult relationships and alongside people in their journey of recovery.

“Just because no one else can heal or do your inner work for you doesn’t mean you can, should, or need to do it alone.”

- Lisa Olivera

* Bernadine is currently accepting new clients

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Louisa Gould, LICSW

Louisa Gould received her MSW from Boston University in 2011. She has been working in the field of behavioral health since 2007. She specializes in addiction recovery treatment, trauma recovery treatment, anxiety reduction treatment and adolescent care. She also has knowledge and experience with the treatment of various other behavioral health conditions. She use a combination of evidence based treatment modalities, tailored to individual needs, to support clients with established goals.

Louisa is trained in sound therapy and also has a therapy dog names Charlotte in her practice.

It is her fundamental belief, that people know what they need in life to thrive. She believes that people are taught through negative messages that they do not. Therefore, she seeks to support people with reconnecting with their inner core strengths and abilities, in order to navigate toward wellness and learn to trust their gut again. This will allow people to learn to thrive rather than just survive.

* Louisa is not currently accepting new clients

Susan head shot.png

Susan Kelley, LMHC

Susan Kelley is a licensed mental health counselor trained in a variety of mental health issues. She has worked with many clients to resolve their goals with anxiety, depression, trauma, substance misuse, eating disorders, anger management and relationship problems. She leads from the intention of helping clients, by guiding them to better emotional health and to help their positive change, be permanent change. She believes that this journey begins by first identifying the problem and then working together, to travel the healing journey, while together seeking to understand what the barrier to achieving personal goals might be. She feels that understanding these things, allows a starting point, to creating a plan of action. She also knows that change is difficult and that therapy helps by offering information, ideas, skills and support, in a safe place where people are encouraged to explore their thoughts, feelings and behaviors, in attempt to become their best version of themselves.

*Susan is only accepting new telehealth clients currently

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Samantha Mueller, LICSW



Samantha Mueller, LICSW  believes that spotlighting individuals' strengths and capacities for resilience provides opportunities to continue to grow, engage, and improve mental and emotional health and overall wellbeing. When people feel better about themselves and their choices, they engage more effectively with others and their relationships tend to improve. Samantha has experience working with children, adolescents, and adults who have experienced trauma, anxiety and mood disorders, and substance use disorders. She uses evidenced-based modalities such as CBT, DBT, Solution Focused Brief Treatment, Motivational Interviewing, as well as mindfulness practices. 

* Samantha is not currently accepting new clients

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